Working Wednesday

My knitting mojo has been really on this past couple days. I managed to totally finish a couple projects and start a totally brand new one!
The first thing I finished was the Ombre Cardigan, I know all the knitting was done, but it still needed to be blocked and have the buttons sewn on. I had already put this off for far too long. I got right down to blocking it and kept working on my French Cancan shawl while it was blocking.

Lucky Shawl

I reached the point in the project where you look at it and say ‘no, I am not going to put this down till it’s finished’ and I didn’t. I finished it while I had some friends over and they all took turns trying it on. One person commented that it seemed a little small, but I assured her it would totally change with blocking.
Unblocked the shawl felt a little stiff, not that it was like raman noodles or anything, but it held it shape really well and there was very good stitch definition. I did knit the boarder on this garment quite tightly, for me anyway. I knew once I blocked it the fabric would totally and completely relax. Since it was knit in super wash I threw it in the washer under the ‘wool’ setting and let it go. This is great for hand knits because the drum doesn’t turn at all. The water fills by trickling down the mirror and then the drum rocks slightly. It is even better than a hand wash cycle because it is programed specifically not to felt.Sure enough, when I brought the shawl out and pinned it to my bed for blocking, it was much more relaxed and pliable.
While the shawl was blocking, I picked up my Ombre again and sewed on the buttons. As you probably know by now, I always sew a button to the front and a button to the back. It helps even out the pull on the sweater from the buttons and then your knits don’t look like the buttons are straining to pop off the fabric. So I got to sew my lovely orange buttons to the front and some plain blue ones to the back.

Yellow and Purple Cakes

Funnily enough, I was trolling Ravelry for a sweater pattern that I liked. It couldn’t be too classy because I wanted to put a stripe through it. It was going to be in really loud colours, so I started looking for something fun. I wasn’t having too much luck so I decided to give my friend Lindsay a shout out on Ravelry and see what she has been up to for the past few months. I am so glad I did, because in her return message she asked if I had seen this pattern for a cardigan. I went over to check it out and this pattern was the perfect one I was looking for! It had stripes, it was visually interesting and an intriguing knit. Bingo, jackpot, Eureka, home run. I love it.

Purple and Yellow

I swatched and cast on the sweater on Friday, and I am making a fair headway. I am a little worried about the size, it looks really small. However I measured my gauge twice and it should be bang-on. I also measured the garment itself and compared it with another knit sweater, it is a little smaller, but the other one had been blocked and was a little big on me. I am very curious about how this is going to turn out.

Not Socks… Mostly

Okay, I swear I will do something other than socks after this pair, well… okay, after the last sock from Paul’s pair that I owe him. I ended up picking up the yarn for them a couple of weeks ago, along with more yarn for a pair of fiddlehead mittens! I will talk about the mittens this week and show you some FO’s next week, hopefully no one tries to sock me because they’re sick of socks. Hahaha*sigh* don’t look at me like that, it’s been a long week and I am entitled to make all the bad jokes and puns I wish!

Dad Socks 2

Paul’s childhood friend John recently moved back to the province from Manitoba. Since then, Paul and I have been hanging out with John and his girlfriend Shauna quite a bit. Shauna is a hairdresser and was nice enough to trim my hair for me; so I am paying her in knitted goods.

She picked the fiddlehead mitten pattern, which is totally justified because EVERYONE loves them. They are the best mittens I have ever owned including ones that I paid for. They’re warm, soft and not to mention stunning!

Since I made my mittens, Tanis Fiber Arts has stopped making kits, and changed their colour-ways a bit. I had to use my best judgment, and the help of The Purple Purl’s staff, to pick out the closest colours. I think I got pretty close and even if they are a little off, I made sure they would look good together regardless.


While I was there, I decided I would make a couple pairs of these mittens since I have the yarn for them. I am actually working on modifying the pattern for a children’s size mitten. This winter was freezing and the one time I was playing with my nephew outside in the snow, his poor little mittens weren’t the thickest. I will have to make them slightly big because at this point they will be for next year; maybe I can save them as a Christmas gift. Look at me talking about Christmas gifts in April! It’s like I have some semblance of organization in my life.

I also got a couple extra skeins in two colours that will go together to design my own mitten pattern. I have been inspired to design! My friend Sara has been knitting for less than a year and has already started making her own patterns. She crocheted before that, but I was thrilled when she expressed a wish to learn to knit; I’d been lobbying for this for a very long time.

Sara was working on a secret project. I will not mention here until she is ready to reveal it herself. She decided the pattern was not really doing it for her, so she took it into her own hands and did really well for herself!

Hopefully you will see the fruits of my mitten labour here soon, but you will have to endure at least one more post about socks. I still have to finish Jennies socks and finally get Paul his… even though it is going to be warm by the time he gets them. I am going to put my own silver lining on this and say it will still be cold in the basement. He will get some wear out of them before next winter!