Still Alive!

Show season is finally over for this year! I usually really enjoy going to shows and talking to people, but this year there were a lot in a small amount of space and customs wasn’t helping either. I am talking postal service customs and not flight customs.


Last weekend was the Creativ Festival and Woodstock Fleece and Fiber. I don’t think I will ever voluntarily do two shows at once again, but it is a good learning experience to try once.
At the Creativ Festival I was teaching Tuesday-Friday and the marketplace was open Thursday- Saturday. Driving all the way to Toronto to set up was not as terrible as you would think, we’re only about 45 minutes to 2 hours away… depending on traffic. Paul and I also decided to go home each night instead of staying in the hotel. The show was open till 8pm Thursday and Friday as well so that makes for a long day.


Perfectly packed bag for many many classes… it did not look at good by the end.

All my classes went extremely well. I really enjoy teaching and making sure that everyone got what they came to learn. It’s one of my favourite parts of this show. Especially since CF isn’t a knitting-only show; the people taking my class aren’t already expert knitters. This means I get to shape them a little bit. I can plant some of my own ideology of knitting into them and have a hand in the knitter they become. I really attempt to implant fearless knitting and the idea that nothing is ‘too hard’ some things aren’t for you, definitely, but they’re just not a strength. ‘Too hard’ is not a reason that should keep you from trying something!

The classes I taught were Intro to Fair Isle, Don’t Fear the Steek, Cast On’s and Swatch It; with a lecture on using colour in knitting around the middle there somewhere.
Sorry, this post is going to be light on photos because I really didn’t take all that many this past weekend. I feel like I didn’t get a chance to even attempt photographic artistry.
I am still winding down from the crazy busy weekend so I am going to attempt to order my thoughts and write about the Creativ Festival marketplace and the Woodstock Fleece and Fiber Fest later. For now, I’ll say that everyone survived and there was copious amounts of coffee involved.