Wasn’t that Just a Week Ago?

I have been working on my microfiber ribbon top a lot. I just bound off the edge today at lunch and I would have seamed the shoulders if I had more time. As it was I only had five minutes and I didn’t want to be rushed while doing this. I am super excited about getting this top done and off the needles.

Microfibre Ribbon Tank-3597

The way that it is designed, you end up with a lot more stitches than you cast on. Near the end I almost had 400 stitches on the needles, which is a problem when you’re used to saying, ‘just one more row.’ It was great autopilot knitting though, a few stitch markers helped me remember the increases and the other side was plain purling. Since this shirt was oddly shaped, while on the needles, I couldn’t try it on at all. My gauge was sketchy at best when I started this shirt. I did my swatch and all the math to figure out the gauge, but this pattern wasn’t written for microfiber ribbon yarn so it was incredibly difficult to know exactly how the pattern was going to turn out.


Microfibre Ribbon Tank-3599

I adjusted the neckline to be a bit deeper and did everything in stockinette stitch instead of adding garder accents. I think this yarn was best suited to stockinette stitch, the wrong side of the stitch looks great as well, but I prefer the smoothness of the stockinette.

Microfibre Ribbon Tank-3595

I thought I was going to get away with only using one ball of yarn but those long rows are really deceptive. I ended up using almost the entire second ball of yarn before it was time to bind off. I am not going to lie to you; I was super excited to bind this off. With close to 400 stitches, it took a while and I felt really relieved to be done. It’s a long time to walk the fine line between binding off fast and keeping the perfect tension.

Microfibre Ribbon Tank-3591

I am excessively sorry that I can’t post a finished object photo today, but rest assured, I am probably going to finish this tonight and post about it next week. Blocking and everything! Too excited to finish and wear!