Technical Tuesday: The Slipknot

The past few Technical Tuesday’s have been a little heavier with colours and how to make them work, so today I am going back to basics. One thing that always surprises me is how often I refer to a slipknot and people say “a what?” It has even happened once or twice with other knitters. I use a slipknot every time I start a project, or have to tie a knot in general.

You may not have known what it is called, but a slipknot is the first thing you generally learn when you’re first starting out. You have to tie the yarn onto the needle in order to cast on. There are a few cast on’s that don’t require a slipknot or have clever ways around it.

Jenny’s Magic Cast On, for instance, does not require a slipknot. The theory being that it is still a knot and this one would be at the toe of your socks. Usually the slipknot’s themselves are invisible, so it isn’t a problem of seeing a huge ugly knot on your hem-line.

All the basic skills that are out there, this one is the foundation of knitting. All knitters and crotchetiers use it and, if you’re someone who is just starting out, this is the place to start.