What has been up in the knitting world? Not a whole lot of recreational knitting. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with new yarns and writing for KNITmuch. My second week of articles came out a couple weeks ago. I’ll link to those in the photos throughout the post. I’ve also been thinking more and more about the master knitting course.

ANPT RH With Love Slippers-2162

I was noodling around on the internet a couple months ago and found some information about a Master Knitting Certification. I was immediately interested and started looking up blogs about people who were taking this course or just had more information than I did. I actually found the blog of another Canadian taking it! I wasn’t sure if it was something that would only be recognized in the US or if it would be more international.

ANPT RH June Headband-2255

Turns out there are three levels, you must complete all three to become a certified Master Knitter. One of the blogs I looked at suggested doing the different levels in different colours of yarn so you can tell them apart later. That is one of those easy little tips that would make a world of difference.

ANPT RH June Knitting Tips-2360

I didn’t think this course would be easy, by any means, but from the couple accounts I have read, it seems like it is very difficult. The first level consists of sixteen knitted samples: three swatches each of ribbing, basic stitches and gauge; mirrored increases and decreases; yarn overs; cables and color change. Seventeen questions to research and answer, one hat and a two-page report on blocking and care of knits.

ANPT RH June Drink Cozy-2321

I know this might seem onerous to some people, but it really excites me. It looks just like being in school again! If it wasn’t obvious, I love school and learning in any way, shape or form. I do think that I will completely disappear into this program the moment I order it, so I am going to TRY to make it a goal to finish my Grandmother’s Sweaters before I order. That will be the reward for finishing those sweaters!

ANPT RH June Knitting Tips-2355

Now for what I have been doing with KNITmuch. The lovely people over at Red Heart sent me their With Love yarn to play with. It is fantastically soft and a fibre you could make anything out of. I did spend some knitting time making these samples, but it was really hard to put down this yarn. All the photos are linked to their corresponding articles over at KNITmuch!
That is all for this week, I am hoping to gather the motivation to continue a row or two on my Grandmother’s sweater. It’s been a very long time and I really REALLY need to finish that bad boy off. Soon. Very soon. I’ve got this guys, totally got this!