Not Socks!

I’ve been knitting something that isn’t socks. I know! Everyone will go into shock at my lack of hosiery!
I bought the yarn at Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2013 and it has been sitting on my shelf decoratively.

Shibui Silk Cloud VKLC-2450

I even had each skein balled into three separate balls for the pattern. I bought it for the Gradient pattern by Shibui Knits.

Shibui Silk Cloud VKLC-2447


I bought enough for one in brown tones and another one in all different colours. I’ve obviously started the colourful one first! This scarf is the true epitome of potato chip knitting. The gradient makes you want to keep going and just add in one more colour.

Shibui Silk Cloud VKLC-2433

I really love these scarves, they’re so light and fluffy! I am going to keep knitting this one and try to stay off the sock train for a little bit. The Gradient scarves are so much fun to knit up, lets hope they last for me!

Shibui Silk Cloud VKLC-2445