National Knit in Public Day!

This Saturday, June 13th, is national knit in public day! I wanted to talk about this because I think the public has a skewed view of knitting and only we can change that.

Knit in Public-0611

Whenever I tell people I am really into knitting, they usually look at me like I am crazy. It’s the kind of look that says ‘… but you’re not a 90-year- old retiree…’ No, I am definitely not. For some reason this blows people’s minds.

Knit in Public-2223

If it’s a friend giving me that look, I usually suggest they try it out. The very first thing 99% of people say is either ‘oh, I could never do that’ or ‘I would never live it down.’ They’re afraid they would fail and/or people would tease them about it.

Knit in Public-0851

Personally, it doesn’t bother me if I get a little bit of razzing over my chosen hobby, but I know people who don’t tell other people they knit. They’re afraid of judgement and derision from their friends, family, co-workers and peers.

Knit in Public-0683

That is why I think it is so important for us knitters to go outside and knit in the sunshine. We can challenge the status quo, crush stereotypes and give others a hand up. There are so many knitters (and crotchetiers!) out there; I’ve been at some exceptionally large conventions and seen it for myself!
I constantly knit in public; anywhere I have to wait for something, I am knitting. However, this weekend is a time when lots of people are gathering en mass. Join in the crowd and proudly proclaim your addiction to fibre and making something special with your own two hands!