Technical Tuesday: KNITmuch

As I wrote a couple weeks ago I’ve written a few articles for an online blog called KNITmuch, since I’m a little tight on time for this week I am going to post some photos. These are the things I designed for the Red Heart yarn Scrubby.

Double thick Chevron Scrubby dishcloth working on dished in the sink.

Heart Shaped Scrubby Stuffies

Star Stuffie ready to go!

Scrubby May 28 Three

Pleace the soap into the pouch and lather!

I hope everyone enjoyed the patterns and tries out this yarn. I am not a huge dishcloth fan, but these ones are really fun. The colours help too; you know me… I couldn’t possibly make a boring dishcloth.

I would highly recommend checking out some of the other articles as well. There is a photo of some impossibly cute penguins in sweaters and some really informative knitting articles written by Glenna C.