Tri Tri as Hard as you Can.

Well a couple weeks ago I actually signed up for the Give it a Tri on Toronto Island August 22nd. The money is paid; there is no going back. We have passed the point of no return. Remind me again why I do these things?!

Warrior Dash-635106916717801730

Oh yea… because I LOVE IT!
I’ve been training in a pretty round about and general way for a few weeks, but when I actually filled out the forms, I had to get my act in gear. I promptly added training to my calendar and figured out what workouts I am doing what days; run, bike, yoga, swim, run, brick, repeat.
I recently picked up some new triathlon lingo. A ‘brick’ refers to a workout when you stack two disciplines one after the other with little to no interruption. For example, I have been working on the bike to running transition because I’ve heard it is the hardest.

Rail Trail-2007

The very first time I tried to do a bike/run brick, Paul and I went to the rail trail in Hamilton. It’s a really lovely bike on a trail that goes all the way from Hamilton to Brantford, a good 32K (approx. 19.8 miles). Don’t worry, I wasn’t doing the whole thing. In the actual Triathlon I have to bike 10K then run 2.5K, so to train we biked 16K. We had to go from our car, 8K up the trail and then come back again. You might be thinking this is slightly excessive, but Paul and I are decent cyclists and the first 8K is all uphill.
This is one of my absolute favourite bike rides because when you get to the point of turning around, your legs are on fire and you don’t know how you’re going to make it back. You turn and glide the whole way back, so really, our 16K bike ride isn’t as impressive as it seems. By the time you reach your car again, you’ve flushed the lactic acid out of your legs by pedaling so light and fast.

Rail Trail-2006

Knowing this, I popped off my bike and started running… I thought I was going to die. My legs felt like lead, I hadn’t even made it back on the trail and I was breathing very hard. It was embarrassing. I just had to remember that this was the first one and the first one is always the hardest. Luckily I’ve been keeping so busy, I didn’t really have time to dwell on the bad run.
This past Sunday was my second bike/run brick and I CRUSHED IT! It was difficult, don’t get me wrong, but I felt a lot better. I felt strong, like I could definitely muscle through and optimistic I would get better. Since then I have felt really REALLY optimistic about this race. Like I can just handle anything that will come at me, I’ll be able to get over it.
I’m not sure if the feeling will last, but I really hope it will. I am going for my first swim of this week today (early Thursday morning). Swimming is not my forte so we will see if my optimism is waterproof!