I’ve clearly had too much coffee today because when I was researching for this article I fell down a black hole. I didn’t get as far as cat videos, but it was a close call. So coffee! I used to hate coffee, and thought I was totally justified in this because it was ‘bad for you.’ Now there is a lot of research that says it can actually be healthy for you. Here are some of the facts I found. Click on the photo to follow through to the whole article.

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Please click though and check out the webpages on the other end of the links, they did all the awesome graphics and research. Lots of fun facts about tea as well, coffee doesn’t have a monopoly on health and caffeine. Now that I have shared my love of coffee and probably made you want one more cup, my work is done! If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter you can do so here. We are going to be revealing our next self-striping colourway in June, so if you’re interested…