Springing from Winter

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer! FINALLY! FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOM! I feel like I’ve been indoors way too much lately so Paul and I went out to the rail trail in Hamilton and took a bike ride! It was great to get outside and not freeze my tail off! I am not totally in love with summer because I am not a fan of the heat, but spring and summer definitely have their good qualities.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.30.02 PM

One of which I am enjoying on a nightly basis; barbequing. I know it is possible and perfectly fine to BBQ in the winter, but I am not willing to do it myself and thus far, I have not convinced Paul it is worth it. I find the two of us actually eat a lot healthier in the summer because we just throw some kind of meat and veggies on the grill.


That is what I am really going to talk about today, grilling food! I’ve discovered quite a few marinades and simple 5-minute recipes that make cooking in the summer a much easier task!
This first one, Paul and I actually discovered while prepping for a group camping trip. There were several groups of people and each group was going to cook one meal. We were dinner for the first night so we planned to make kabobs! We had some veggie and chicken, but the steak was the best. Cut into small pieces and put into a bowl with the marinade, by the time we cooked them the meat was so tender. I usually don’t have the patience (or forethought) to marinade meat over night, but this made me a convert. If I’m going to marinate, I’ll do it overnight.

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One thing I have done for a few years, is take zucchini or asparagus, coat with olive oil and garlic plus seasoning. Very simple, but absolutely ah-mazing! I almost feel like that is cheating because it is so easy.
I’ve sprinkled a few photos of other favourite recipes and linked back to the original pages. You have only to click on something that looks delicious!