Getting Warmer!

With the warm weather coming in, my urge to be outside and free is alive and well. Especially since the virus that has been plaguing me for the past couple weeks is beginning to subside! This week I decided to go for a short run, just to enjoy the weather. This would be the part where someone says something like ‘what could go wrong?’

Beach Day

Seeing as I don’t have any particular pictures for this post, I am going to post random photos that I think carry the theme of this post. This one is from our trip to Cuba last year. Missing that weather!


After work, around five or six pm, I decided to make the first outdoor run of the year! I came in the house, dropped my purse, various water bottles, general detritus I haul around with me and went to get dressed. It was the warmest day that had come in a long time and I wasn’t about to miss out on an opportunity. The weather was actually warm enough to wear shorts, so I figured that it couldn’t hurt and threw a pair on.

I realized we had no water bottles around, so drank some water at the house and decided not to bring any with me. The last part of getting ready was to pop in my headphones and start my ‘RUNNING PLAYLIST OF AWESOME 2015’; it helps me stay motivated…. Mostly because of the name.


I took off running. Now, with me, running doesn’t indicate a speed so much as general description. Running, yes! Fast? Definitely not. There are probably glaciers that move faster than I run. I usually liken my speed to a stampede of turtles that hit a puddle of molasses… in the dead of winter.

Regardless of speed or technique, I’m out there. I’m running and doing healthy things for myself. It’s better than sitting at home saying ‘ah well, I’ll run tomorrow.’ As exciting as it sounds, I actually run in a large circle and when I reached the approximate halfway point an uneven bit of sidewalk jumped up and tripped me.

Completely impressed gym selfie. Capture that progress!

Completely impressed gym selfie. Capture that progress!

With more than 10 years of martial arts training, you would think I would be a little more graceful than this, but alas, it is not so. This wasn’t a little stumble, WHAM right to the ground. Scraped my palms and knee decently. Before I let out a huge slurr of curse words, I happened to look to the side. There was a teenage girl standing in the driveway across the street with a cell phone pressed to her ear. I don’t think she was listening to whoever was on the phone anymore; she was now staring at me with open-mouthed shock. I remember being that age and I remember how cool I thought people in their 20’s were. Totally infallible right?

I wouldn’t want to destroy this poor girl’s world-view, so I jumped right back up, with as much dignity as possible, and kept running. I think this is one of the few situations where is socially acceptable to run away after! I scrammed, vamoosed, skedaddled, got the hell out of there and started around back home.

Back at home, before dealing with the carnage that was my hands and knee, I checked my running app. I like to keep track of my distances etc. When I looked, it said I did 8.2km. I was only gone for 25 minutes and I had walked some of that time. There was no way I had just run 8.2km. As it turns out, my running app was possessed, but I like to think it was trying to make me feel better for falling while running. I took a screen shot of the map and traced a blue line where I actually ran.


The morals of today’s story are as follows!

  1. Don’t blindly trust running apps and never trust the ‘calories burned’ counter
  2. Keep telling yourself that it totally looked like you dropped into a burpee
  3. Buy some gloves to run in because heaven knows this won’t be the last time you trip