Creatively Crafty

Creatively Crafty

The Creativ Festival was a lot of fun. We saw some old friends and a lot of new ones! This was our first year at this show and my first year teaching there. I gave two lectures, one on swatching and another on steeking. The steeking class was something of a preview to my hands-on class coming in the fall. I am really looking forward to it; I think people are going to be very excited about cutting some knitting.

StitchPleaseYarns 04282015

While I wasn’t teaching classes I spent a lot of time in the booth. The ladies and I actually got quite a bit of knitting done. There was a company there that creates yarn bowls you can wear like a purse and knit while walking. They’re called a Yarnit! Christine went over and got one immediately and was knitting from it the whole show. We sent quite a few people over to her booth because these were just so darn cool! They fit in cup holders and even help with the tail end of yarn cakes that collapse in on themselves. The picture is from her website and links directly to it. I managed not to take any photos, of course.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.42.22 PM

I worked on the second rainbow sock and am very close to being done. I think with the two-day show I managed to do almost half the sock! I had turned the heel and all my decreases were done, so it was just a matter of knitting up the leg of the sock. I am not going to lie to you… I did manage to drop two or three stitches. I picked most of them back up before I got too far away, but I am definitely going to have to weave one in. Shhhhh, no one will know but us.

StitchPleaseYarns 2 04282015

Now that we’re done this show it’s all about prepping for the next one! There are a few in September and October, but they’re clustered relatively close together. It will be interesting to getting everything together for such a close time frame, but I am looking forward to it! I really love vending at the Fiber Festivals and Craft Shows. If there are any I am missing, please comment or email me! I am never opposed to doing more; it helps keep me out of trouble.

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For the rest of this week, I haven’t being doing too much more. Catching up on some sleep and mentally preparing the next projects. My to-do list, or I should say my to-knit list, is always getting longer!