Many MANY Socks

As some of you might know, I have been writing for an online magazine called Addicted to Sock Knitting. I got into it through their Facebook group, which is a closed group so you have to submit a request to join. On this group people post photos and conversation topics all about sock knitting. I know what you’re thinking; I’ve found my people.

Valentines Socks 02252015

I really enjoy the group and I will admit that I go about simply looking at posts others have put up. I do creep around the group, but I do chime in when people ask questions or if there is something particularly amazing! There are sock knitters of every caliber on this group so no one should feel shy about joining or posting! It is a very welcoming environment full of fantastic people!

Rainbow Socks Finished 2015

The eZine is something that the group creator Debra Garner put together. It’s an online magazine with two issues out so far. There is a wide array of information within the pages from tutorials all the way to patterns and reviews. I wrote an article for the first issue about ‘why hand knit socks are better than store bought socks’ and the most recent issue I wrote a tutorial on patching up socks.
I wanted to take this post to tell you about this eZine because a lot of work goes into it and there is some really great information there. If you’re at all interested in socks, you should definitely check out this magazine!