Truly, Walking on Sunshine

This week I’ve been insanely busy with all manner of things. The Creativ Festival is coming up and it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to get ready. I’ve been trying to build up a stock for that event and supply the Etsy and wholesale orders. Keeping busy is a good thing, but it just means I have less knitting to write about on Wednesday’s.

Lemon Waffle 03042015

I actually have something of a Monday Mishap for you today. As you might have noticed, the Lemon Waffle Socks are not in my normal K3P1 pattern. I decided to branch out and try something new. I am doing the same basic pattern, but with a different stitch. Normally I cast on 64 stitches, 16 on the first needle, 32 on the second needle and 16 on the last needle; then I knit down the leg. I always do the heel flap on the needle that has 32 stitches on it; no I don’t know why, yes I realize it is in the middle of a row. It’s just something I do.

Lemon Waffle 3 03042015

This time, it got the better of me. I went along and did the heel flap, picked up stitches along the side and was knitting across the top of the foot when I realized that I was going to be doing 16 stitches that were the last of the row and 16 stitches that were the beginning of the next row. If you can’t imagine it, this looked terrible and I ended up ripping out the heel flap, picking those stitches, then re-knitting the heel flap on the other side to cover the mismatched rows.

Lemon Waffle 2 03042015

Aside from that minor problem, the socks are looking great! I really love knitting them because it makes me feel like there is going to be an end to this awful winter at some point. I am a person who likes winter and even I am sick of cold toes, static, dry air and not being able to go outside without your nostrils freezing together.

Seriusly 03042015

I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I ordered some Lolo moisturizer from the Barmaids. It hasn’t come in yet, but I am EAGERLY checking the mail every day. My skin has been absolutely atrocious and in need of some decent, and good smelling, products. I was faked out the other day by a delivery of something in the mail. I thought it was my Lolo order and it turned out to be some pH test rolls that I ordered. Much more practical and much less fun, but what are you going to do?