Technical Tuesday: Knitting Through the Back Loop

Have you ever seen the term KTBL or K2TOG-TBL in a pattern and had a moment of ‘wait….what?!’ KTBL means to knit through the back loop. This twists the stitch and makes it look a little more defined. The Knitted Patchwork Recipe uses K2TOG TBL in order to make the centre stitches on the little patches a little more defined. This makes the patch look less like a formless square and more like a diamond with a stripe down the middle.

Ultra Purple Square 02252015

Some knitters can do this without realizing it in a stockinet pattern. If you do a row of knit stitches and a row of twisted stitches then revert back to regular knit stitches it will be visible.

I remember when I was knitting a sweater for Paul, way back when I first started knitting. I had to frog part of it and when I put the stitches back on the needle, I put them on backwards. I didn’t know there was a forwards and a backwards to stitches so I went along and knit them as they were. Running across the chest there was a strange line, I had no idea what had happened so I frogged the whole thing.