I am sure most of you know what Pinterest is, but I am going to talk about it today because it is just that awesome. I could spend hours on there planning my entire life. For those of you who are easily addicted to things, this might be a rabbit hole you could skip.

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One of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of Pinterest is the funny cat pictures and random meme’s the internet has produced. As great as these things are, there are amazingly useful things out there. One of my favourite things to look up is workout tips and tricks. Things that either make working out more efficient or just getting to the gym a little easier.

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Exercise is something that we should all do, but most people dislike. There are so many little things that make it a lot easier to handle. When you’re getting discouraged and need a little pick-me-up there are all sorts of motivational photos and stories there too. If you’re like me and the touchy-feely motivational stuff doesn’t really do it for you, there are plenty of informational photos about how much good exercise does for you. The benefits you don’t know you are reaping when you run, do yoga, or just move in general. When all else fails, there is always sarcasm and dry humour.

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What goes hand in hand with going to the gym? That’s right nutrition. You can find a recipe for literally EVERYTHING on Pinterest. It is actually insane. I have a food board and I feel like I should split it into categories. My latest obsession has been salads and miscellaneous other foods that can be put into a mason jar and are ready for grab and go eating. I actually got this from a friend of mine and when I looked it up, BAM there were a billion recipes and ideas for meals in mason jars! Genius I tell you!

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I always like to keep recipes I’ve found random places on this board too, just to keep track of them. I read a few food blogs, some listed on the Lovely Blog Hop post, and I’ve tried quite a few recipes from these blogs and LOVED several of them. I pin those up along with the interesting recipes I want to try.

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There are a lot of really clever tips and tricks for cuisine that I would have never came up with! One I haven’t tried yet, but thought was really cool is freezing your chopped garlic with olive oil in an ice cube tray. This way when you need it, you can simply slip one of these garlic cubes into the pan and have chopped garlic instantly! It works well with herbs as well; if your fresh herbs are going to go bad, give it a try!

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Food an exercise aren’t the only areas of my life that I keep organized with Pinterest, but they’re certainly a couple of the biggest contributors. My boards are public so anyone can look at them. You can check out the mess of things I have pinned here. I will go over a couple more of my boards in a couple weeks, I would be able to sit here and write forever about the things I’ve pinned and my everlasting love for Pinterest, but I thought I would keep it relatively short!