Functional Friday: StashBot

I first heard about the app StashBot, was at Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2014. Amy Herzog mentioned it in her Sweater Bootcamp class and I wrote it down, but completely forgot about it! I listened to a Knitmore Girls episode and they talked about it as well. I downloaded it immediately and I thought I would share it with you! The app is available on itunes app store, so far it is not available on android, but on Hannah Fettig’s website, they have a place to sign up for information about the android version.

If you’re an apple user I suggest you download it immediately!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.57.03 PM

This app’s purpose is to give you yardage for a project. I know! It sounds too good to be true. Honestly, you select the type of garment, there are several different lengths of sweater, lengths of sleeve, hats, mittens, socks, etc. The next option is size, chest measurement, foot, head and hand size. The measurments are quite extensive, the chest measurements range from 16” (3 months) all the way to 62”. Such a wide range is almost unheard of! I really can’t get over the range of sizes included; even in the accessories, there are child sizes all the way up to adult XL. This is perfect for me because the majority of people I knit for are adults, but if I ever was out and saw something I would like to knit my nephew, I can just use this app to get the approximate yardage for the project.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.57.18 PM

The next option to select is stitches per inch or 10cm. You are able to choose inches and yards or use centimeters and meters, as your preference is. On some yarn labels the stitches per inch is on the label, if not, here is a basic guide of yarn weights and stitches per inch.

Stitches per Inch

After you have entered all these stats in the app, there is an approximation of the yardage you will need for said garment!
I think this is one of the most useful apps I could have ever found and I am completely in love with it! StashBot is a paid app and shows up as $5.79 in my itunes, I am not completely sure if that is CAD or USD, but it is worth every cent!