Yet More Finished Objects!

I am completely and totally on fire so far this year. Although now that I have said that… I am sure things will slow right down, but alas, it is exciting to be done Shauna’s Mittens!

Fiddlehead Mittens

I think this is the fourth time I have knit this pattern, and I love it more every time. I originally came across it in a kit where the designer Hello Yarn and Tanis Fiber Arts were working together! When I finally picked up this kit it was a true and everlasting love that has still not ceased.
Impatient person that I am, as soon as I finished, I instagramed the photo to Shauna and immediately got more than one person asking about their pair. On one hand, I thought ‘oohhhh, maybe I shouldn’t have posted that photo’ but on the other I love these mittens and want to share that love with the world!

J Socks

I’ve also been making some major headway on my January socks that I want to complete from #OperationSockDrawer on instagram. If you’re unsure what that is, head on over to the Knitmore Girls podcast for details. I have been hardcore binging on those episodes and I am quite close to being caught up! The yarn I am using for these socks was a limited time colour way called ‘Over the Rainbow’ from Knitcircus; they might not be offering this particular colour way anymore, but the yarns are lovely!

J Socks 2

If I haven’t ever endorsed participating before, I would like to take a moment to now. On instagram, Ravelry, twitter, facebook or any kind of platform you wish! I look at everyone else’s photos of socks and sock drawers and I am so inspired! I absolutely want to go and cast on about 100 more things. I know that I have not run any knit alongs, but the Stitch Please Ravelry group doesn’t have all that many members and there are groups out there much larger doing extremely excellent knit or crochet alongs. I highly endorse participating in these because while you are inspired to do better and create, you are also inspiring someone else. No matter that you are only one person! There is someone somewhere looking at a photo you posted and thinking what you made is pretty darn cool. Seriously, if you take away one thing from this blog let it be this. Engage! Participate! It’s pretty amazing and good for the soul in general.