ChiaoGoo Spin Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Review

Now for the review you have all been waiting oh so patiently for! The ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles. I did get a set of Spin Bamboo Interchangeables and a set of Twist Red Lace Interchangeables; due to personal bias, I started reviewing the bamboo needles first.


The first thing I will say about these needles is RUN AND BUY THEM NOW. Since reviewing the ChiaoGoo Red Lace needles I knew they were a quality product, but I am totally in love with these interchageables.


I am getting ahead of myself though. The very first thing that really struck me about these needles is the case they came in. Everything was organized and labeled inside, each needle had it’s separate place with the needle size stitched onto the outside casing.


The only thing I would have changed on the inside would be a place to keep the cords. When the package arrives they are in their own individual baggies within the needle case, but it would be nice to have pockets for them or a zippered section.


There is a zippered section on the outside of the needle case which comes filled with a needle gauge and stitch markers. I love it when companies add in the little touches like this. It really shows how much their customer services shines through and gives the impression that they are here to equip knitters. They’re not going to give you a hard time, they just want you to knit.


The zippered pouch on the outside could be used for the cables, depending on how you organize your things. The cables were actually very interesting to me. There were two different sizes; a small and a large. Not in length either, in the gauge of the orifice where you screw in your needles. The bigger needles (5.5mm/US9 through 10mm/US 15) have a larger base. The bottom part you screw into your cable is physically a different size than the smaller needle sizes. I am not really sure how I feel about this because it really means you would have to buy double of any extra cables you want. I haven’t reached the point where it would become annoying to me, but I think it would depend on which needle sizes you would use more. There is no fear of mixing up the cables because they are both labeled as small or large.


Now, for the needles themselves. I started a project on these needles and everything slides so easily. The connector that screws onto your needle twists all the way around which prevents the cables from unscrewing on their own and your cable doesn’t get tangled as often as it would normally.


The tips of the needles are wonderfully sharp. This is always my fear with trying out new bamboo or wooden needles, is that they will be blunt. I had a few bamboo needles from an independent yarn store, which were horribly dull. It made increasing or decreasing a nightmare and regular old knitting was no walk in the park either. Although I would highly suggest it if you are trying to get out of the habit of knitting too tightly; it is simply not plausible with dull needles, you would never get the stitch off the needle on the next row.
The cables do not lay as flat as the red lace, but the cables are just plain plastic for the interchangeable set. That being said, they are much less stubborn and curly than your average interchangeable needle set. I can’t wait to review their stainless steel counterparts!!