Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC 2014 and is looking forward to a new year in 2015! There are going to be a few changes around the blog and within Stitch Please as a company, so I thought I would get the boring house keeping things out of the way first!


First and foremost, I am not going to be blogging everyday anymore. I am hoping to write some patterns this year and in order to get out the best pattern I possibly can, I need to take the time to field test them. I am going to continue with the Technical Tuesday, Wednesday (regular knitting blogging) and Thursday (off topic blogging). I am going to do reviews when I have things to review. I am going to aim for every other week, but it isn’t a hard and fast rule I am trying to keep.

Secondly! At Stitch Please I am going to be adding in some more colours!! Yaaaay! The first of which is going to be Atomic Red, and several others that I will release in good time. I’ve had several requests for gray, black, rainbow and baby colours. I will do my best to accommodate all requests! I am always open to more suggestions for colours and colour combinations!

We are looking into what shows to attend this year. Last year we managed to get to the Kitchener/Waterloo Knitters Fair, which was great! I will be posting more definite lists in the upcoming events sidebar as soon as we have concrete plans. If there is an event in your area, let us know! We are always looking for different fiber festivals to attend and it may be the case that we just don’t know about the one nearest you.

Mini Skeins

In 2015 we are also going to start selling mini skeins in our Etsy store. For those times when you don’t have quite enough yardage to finish a project, but don’t need enough for another full skein. We have all underestimated the amount of yarn we would need for a project and had to go in search of another ball. This will be perfect for those times.

Not too long ago, a friend of mine was talking about knitting her husband a pair of socks. She was complaining about the size of his feet and the fact that she always has to buy more than one skein of yarn. He likes a long cuff on his socks so not only does she need to knit forever, but get another ball of yarn for the extra yardage she needs. The mini skeins would be great for that as well! I am sure there are a variety of other uses, but these are the ones that have come to mind most recently!

I thought I would get this update up and out today so you’re not too jarred by the change of schedule. I will still be telling you all about my mishaps, but it will be on Wednesday instead! Functional Friday will be next week as well!

I’m so glad to have everyone here as readers and hope you are enjoying the blog! I really enjoy writing it and look forward to all the new things to come in the new year! HAPPY 2015!!!!