Monday Mishaps: … or not

All right guys, I will be honest. There really haven’t been all that many mishaps this week! It has been a week of finishing things and getting ready for Christmas. I have recently picked up a couple things that I had been working on and set down. I noticed one piece where I had mixed up the SSK and the K2TOG. During my Japanese Lace class at Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2014 the teacher gave us a little tip that has saved me a lot of time.
When you are following a chart the symbol for SSK or K2TOG looks something like this.


The box with a diagonal line through it can be a little confusing, which way is SSK and which way is K2TOG.


The key is to point the needle in the direction the line within the box is slanted.





I know this was a little more of a Technical Tuesday than a Monday Mishaps, but I haven’t really messed anything up too badly this week. I’ll try my best for next week.