I’ve managed to get quite a bit done on Sara’s wedding mittens, they’re coming along famously! I thought I would also talk about how spinning is going. Every time I say I have a spinning class on Tuesday, everyone thinks it is stationary bike. Right away, I say, ‘oh no, it is spinning yarn!’ then most people look at me like I am raving mad. Either raving mad, or they take it to the next level and ask if I am going to spin and dye all my yarn. There are some people with that much time and equipment, but I am not one of them.

Drop Spindle 2

I’ll start with spinning. Last week, we did drop spindles, which was a lot of fun. There were a few dropping of the drop spindle and one throwing of the drop spindle… unintentional of course…. And by me of course. Ute had a few different types of spindles for us to try, which was really great because you can see if you like them or not. I ended up favouring the Turkish drop spindle. It was the easiest to use. The way you spin the yarn and wrap it around the bottom, the end result is a ball of yarn and not a wadded tangled snarl. The other spindles you simply wrapped the yarn around part of the spindle. While this does create a bundle, it is not really conducive to creating something structured and organized.
I think I liked drop spindling a little better than regular spinning. I had a little more of a natural aptitude for it. I think my yarn only broke once or twice (hence the abovementioned throwing). I didn’t think I was doing that well, but I got it to work. I’ve always heard that spinning this way is slower by the hour and faster by the week. Spining on a wheel is much faster, but not portable at all. With a drop spindle, you can take it anywhere and do anything with it.

Drop Spindle

Not only did we attempt drop spinning, but carding wool as well. You get these two gigantic brushes, which enable you to brush the fleece till it is nice and soft. This is the manual process we used for the drum carder. The drum carder does a wonderful job and I can’t imagine carding my own wool, unless I was unexpectedly thrown back in time to a place where drum carders didn’t exist… then I would invent them and become a millionaire. Probably more like a hundred-aire, but you get my meaning.


Now! Pictures of the wedding mittens themselves!!! I am so close to being done. Both the outside shells are complete and blocked, which means no more colour work!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!! I am on the inside of the mittens, the lining. They look so great, it almost makes me want to cry, they’re that perfect. Tightly woven too, so they are going to be warm and hardwearing. I swear, one day these will be passed down within the family.


I’ve tried to take pictures when I pick it up again so there is something of a progression photo line. I also send the random photo to Sara because the big day is coming up in 10 days. The mittens are perfect and they are going to be done. DO NOT BE CONCERNED!! With that, I am going to go work on said mittens!