Technical Tuesday: Unholy Sock Heel Flap

I know you’re really not supposed to laugh at your own jokes, but I giggled way too hard at this one. The unholy sock heel flap refers to the way I do my heel flaps in particular. I had had a lot of people complement me on the heels of my socks. Sometimes, when you’re picking up the stitches along the heel flap edges, the stitches you use to anchor your picked-up stitch stretch out and leave gaps in the fabric of your socks. I am going to post a video of how to pick up heel stitches to begin with and then I am going to post photos of doing it myself to show the technique I use.

Now that you have an example of the basic example of what we are looking at, here is how I manage to forego the holes.

Single Side 2

Pick up your stitch along the edge of the heel flap


Single Side

Pull it away from the heel flap and see if there is a space. If you can make a hole, there will be a hole in your sock.


Double Side

I always go under both bars of the stitches (which some patterns tell you to do)


Double One

Pull the stitches away to see if they will make a hole


Corner Bad

The corner and edge stitches work the same way.