WEDDING!! Part One

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for the story of our wedding! If you would like to see more photos than I post on this page, here is a link to our photographer’s blog post. He has posted a bunch of photos and whoever gets the most ‘likes’ (at the bottom of his blog) wins a free canvas. Considering that I am going to get some wedding photos on canvas I would really like to win one, so help me out and please ‘like’ at the bottom of Jesse’s page!

Bride Robe

My wedding day started at the ungodly hour of 8:00AM. Even though I was getting married at 3:00PM, you need to start that early when you are doing hair and makeup for ten people. I should preface the hair and makeup talk by saying that my mom, wedding party and some friends went to a salon to get our nails done the Thursday before the wedding so we were all ready to go in that aspect. It was something I had not really thought of, but I am really glad we went a few days before the wedding because it would have been crazy to attempt it on Friday or day of.


Since there were so many people, I was placed in the middle of the queue because the bride’s hair and makeup should be perfect. I think they knew I am not used to getting my makeup done and thought if they did it closer to when the photographer is likely to show up, I might not mess myself up too badly. During the time we were waiting for the photographer all the girls chatted and talked about wedding stuff. I also had to practice the Vietnamese version of my speech.

Bride and Mom

That’s right, the VIETNAMESE portion of the speech. This was discussed between Paul and myself, we decided to go ahead and have Paul’s mom write me up a sentence to say in Vietnamese. This sentence turned out to be a PARAGRAPH. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I will tell you that I do not speak Vietnamese… at all. I can say thank you… that’s it!

Bride and MIL

What I ended up doing is had Paul’s mom read me the speech and I wrote it out phonetically. Then I said it to her. I could tell when the girls in the next room were listening because there would be silence then a lot of giggling. I am not going to lie, it sounded really funny. At some points, it sounded like a duck choking on something, but I am sure that was my poor accent. Alli, my sister-in-law-to-be on January 10th, came over and said some of it with me, which made me feel slightly more competent.


Then the photographer got there and it was time to start taking all the photos! The photos of my dress, of me getting ready, flowers, etc. Pictures for the next three hours (approximately).
Just before 3PM it was go time. Everyone trooped out of our room and the girls headed for the place where they were going to walk out and I went upstairs. I opted for the dramatic stairway entrance; which is one more reason I did not wear heels!


So like I creeper, I sat at the top of the stairs, and watched people sit down and get ready. It was freezing cold out, so there were a lot of people making use of the hot apple cider we provided. I am not sure if they were drinking it or not, but they were definitely holding it and trying to leech all the warmth they could from those small mugs. There were a couple times when I saw Paul walking around and dramatically ducked out of sight. Luckily he wasn’t actively looking around, but I felt justified in my caution.
Those minutes at the top of the stairs seemed to drag on forever, as had been the theme with the past half hour or so. At length, the time came. I took my bouquet, picked up the edge of my dress, and tried not to trip down the stairs.
I am going to leave it there for this week because I would like to have as much detail as I can in here. I’ll pick it up next week!