Monday Mishaps: A Conspiracy

As I have mentioned, I haven’t been knitting a whole lot and what I have been knitting has been going very well. This Monday’s Mishap has been totally ruined by not trying anything complicated and reading all the instructions!
This mishap was not strictly knitting related, but I think it is funny nonetheless. I am knitting something for Sara (which will be blogged about this week) and I took it out to send her a progress photo. After taking the photo I left it on the table beside me, because I planned to continue working on it. My cat, Lucky, would NOT leave this project alone. She kept getting up on the table and sitting really close to it. If it were my own knitting, I wouldn’t be as adamant about keeping the cats away, but it is not mine and I don’t want anything to happen to these mittens.

Lucky Lou Who Yarn Thief

Usually when Lucky sits beside some knitting, she is trying to lull you into a false sense of security. She sits there with an innocent look on her face like, ‘oh, I just want to sit beside you and your knitting while looking cute. See? I am no threat at all!’ Mind you I have figured this out, the sitting usually precedes pawing through the yarn, selecting a choice ball and attempting to run away with it in her mouth.

Lucky Lou Who Yarn Thief 2

Every time she got close, to what I refer to as ‘the danger radius,’ I chased her away. Usually I only have to chase her away two or three times and she gets the idea; I’m not falling for it today. However, she was absolutely adamant about this yarn. I couldn’t figure it out! The yarn is Cascade 220 so it doesn’t smell particularly sheep-y or anything. Why was she so entranced with it?!
At this point I happened to look over at her food bowl, I had fed them this morning and usually if I just top off the bowl, she is a happy little camper. The food was fresh, not 15 minutes old, but the water was running low. It was at this point I realized my cats have me completely trained.

Lucky and Sass

If they want more food, water, attention… they threaten the yarn. After I gave her more water, she was fine! The water bowl wasn’t even empty; it was just low! She wanted fresh water, so she came and PURPOSELY tried to mess with my yarn!

I don’t know about you, but I think she might be slightly miffed I’ve discovered her evil plan…