Packing your Knitting

I’ve officially started packing for the honeymoon! Since I am packing, I decided to go over a couple tips for packing knitting for a trip. Every time, I always pack too much knitting and never get to it all. My problem is, I don’t want to pack one or two small things then get sick of knitting them or finish them. I would be without knitting and that would just be unspeakable.

Travelling with Knitting 2

Speaking of projects, I think I finally got a system down when I sent to Cuba. I packed one larger project and a pair of socks. I was almost done those socks, I threw in another ball of sock yarn because I was definitely going to finish those.

When I am out and about I usually don’t knit on anything too complicated. Something I can just pick up and knit, no pattern or anything; autopilot knitting at it’s best. I think every time I’ve went to a Vogue Knitting event, I’ve brought a larger project as well as a smaller project. The ones that get worked on are not the larger more complicated ones. By the time I get back to the hotel room, I am usually ready for bed. Not really the best mindset to work on something that takes any amount of brain power.

Travelling with Knitting

If you are going to a fiber event I would just take one small project. Odds are you are going to purchase something there and if your small project gets finished you will have that to work on. Especially if this event is far away, you don’t want to be lugging all this yarn there and then trying to fit everything in your suitcase to get it back.

Travelling with Knitting 3

If your trip is somewhere you will be constantly busy and then crashing at the end of the night, it would probably be best to simply bring one or two small projects to work on. If you’re the type of person who brings their knitting everywhere and gets quite a bit done, you might finish a project while on vacation, so it would be beneficial to have another one ready to cast on.

Aside from this, that is all the advice I can give. Make sure you judge your vacation and how much time you will actually have to knit. I always over pack and then sometimes have trouble getting everything back.