A Little More Emo than Planned…

I am so fired; the last book for Kim Harrison’s Hollows series is out and I have not listened to it. Shaaaaaaaaame upon my house. Instead of telling you what is on my bookshelf, I am going to tell you what I have been listening to. At work, my job is not exactly intellectually stimulating, so I listen to music, audio books or podcasts. I’ve been listening to the Knitmore Girls podcast. I’ve really been marathoning them because I am trying to catch up to the current episode.
I don’t know if it has bled through at all, but I have been having a really hard time with things before the wedding. Stress is approaching nuclear levels and emotions are always close to the surface. I’ve really been enjoying Jasmine and Gigi and their interactions together. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I haven’t really been inspired and listening to this podcast helped me become inspired again.

HP Words

I’ve really noticed there is a serious lack of a knitting group around me. The LYS closest to my house doesn’t have a social knit night; a network of knitters is really important to anyone’s growth and development. I think it feel similar to when you have read a really REALLY good book and no one to discuss it with. There are other knitters to be sure, but we are slightly segregated with no designated gathering time. I’ve definitely tried to plan a time, but everyone has their own schedules and it’s really difficult to actually get people together. I make due and gather with the odd knitter here or there. I should really get into Ravelry and seek out local knitting groups. I believe there used to be one at a local pub every Wednesday, as a fairly new knitter I was always too nervous to go alone though.

HP Choices

Now, as a fairly experienced knitter, I am experiencing a withdrawal from the knitting community. When I am going through this stressful time and I don’t have that particular support network. There are times when I feel quite hopeless and really need a small ray of sunshine in my world. I am able to forget about my problems and exist in a time where there are just crafts. The passions with which they talk about their crafts make me want to run out the door and cast on new things immediately.

V Ideas

Right now I am at getting close to current; they are podcasting about things more than knitting. Jasmine is just getting into sewing and Gigi is still getting into spinning. I really love the diversity of this podcast because I don’t sew or spin, but I would like to try. When these ladies talk about their new crafting exploits it reminds me that there is always a tomorrow. No matter how badly things seem to be going in the here and now, life will go on. There will be days where I get a lot of knitting done and that constitutes a good day, there will be days where I try something new and fail, but that is okay, because I tried something new.

HP Happiness

I know there is a time where everyone feels like this; there is no hope and everything is going completely the wrong way, but you are not alone. There are people who are in the exact same place as you right now and they survived. Life went on, there were tears of sadness, happiness and sheer exhaustion, but everyone kept moving on. With this post, I guess I am trying to tell you that when you find yourself in a place of darkness you need to make your own light, even if it is borrowed from someone else.
In case you haven’t guessed I completely and totally endorse the Knitmore Girls podcast. Keep going strong girls!!