One Month Wedding Update

Oh my word… we are so close. I think I need a paper bag and some Zantac.

Ring One

The most recent wedding thing that has happened was my bachelorette. It ended up working out perfectly to do my bachelorette on my birthday! We started the evening off with a pole dancing class. I actually had a lot of fun! The person teaching had a very interesting personality, but she clearly had a passion for what she was teaching and was insanely fit. Just spending an afternoon taking a class and my calves were so sore the next day.


After the class we went to the Burlington Lakefront hotel and got ready to go out. We ended up going to the Martini House for dinner. I had the best pasta ever! The martinis were pretty good too. I found it very interesting that after you paid, instead of bringing you mints, you got a ball of cotton candy. You’ll have to excuse the poor photo; the lighting was not optimal where we were sitting so everything needed flash.

Cotton Candy

We have also added to our wedding party. I know, completely last minute, but it was sooo meant to be. Okay, the story from the beginning. Once upon a time, Paul had a groomsman who had to travel for work. He doesn’t get a lot of say in the matter, sometimes they just spring trips on him. Half way through August, he gave us a call and said this had happened; he wasn’t going to be able to make the wedding. With only two months left, Paul and I immediately started planning for who would fill his spot. As you may have noticed, I have a thing about symmetry and I wanted there to be equal amounts of boys and girls.

Eventually Paul asked our friend Richard to be a groomsman and all was right with the world. Richard and Liane have been helping us out a lot with wedding things, so it was perfect! Then, traveling groomsman called back a couple weeks ago and his trip had been cancelled; he would be able to make it out. We now effectively had seven groomsmen and six bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dresses usually take four months to come in and we had five weeks. I asked Liane to be my bridesmaid and it was a whirl of calling stores to see about rush orders and what we could buy off the rack. Thank heaven I wasn’t picky about what I wanted them to wear, we would have never found the same dress.

The one store that was willing to work with us and be extremely helpful, called the manufacturer of the dresses and asked if they had anything in emerald green and gave the size range we were looking for. They had one. It was a special limited edition dress that wasn’t even online because they only made one in every size; the one size they had left was the one we were looking for. We went, she tried it on, it looked great. Done and done. It’s long, so we will have to have it hemmed off at the knees, but it is perfect.


We are also currently having something of a fiasco with the numbers. Usually when you are planning a wedding, the stat is 15% will decline. Paul and I blew the bell curve on that one because our decline rate was about 35%. The room we are in has a minimum amount of people you need in order to have the room. It is too close to move us to a smaller room or something, we are going to be in the big room, but pay for people that aren’t there. There isn’t really much to do about this aside from start inviting random people off the street. We have already been through the list of people we wanted to invite but couldn’t and not a whole lot of them could come. It’s not really a catastrophe and I am sure there are much bigger problems we could have, but it still kind of sucks. It will be a good night anyway! I am sure we will be able to fill a room regardless of the amount of people actually coming.

Ring Two

That is all the wedding drama for now, I am planning on doing one more post before the wedding just to keep you updated on how badly I am freaking out. Keep an eye here for it, I am sure the posts will become more and more comical as they go on!