Kitchener/Waterloo Knitters Festival

The Kitchener Waterloo show was a complete and total success! As well as a lot of fun. I had a great staff which included Lena, Sara, Liane and Paul. There was yarn and a great atmosphere to go along with the show!

KW Fair 2014 2

Set up the night before started at 2:30pm and went until 8pm. Unfortunately we ended up leaving home at 6:30pm, got lost along the way, and showed up just after 7:30pm. That time, it was just Paul and myself, so we unloaded the things we had brought and semi planned out the both. There was one booth, which is a 10 foot by 10 foot space; in reality that is really not a huge space. Paul and I moved the tables around and tried to come up with a pleasing arrangement.

KW Fair 2014

That night, there was a lot of yarn. For some reason, I had not started putting the tags onto the yarn yet and that all had to be done the night before. Liane and I tagged and labeled all the yarn for the show and Paul kept re-skeining. There was some yarn that was not dry yet and couldn’t make it out to the show. This included Nightfall and Gaia; a few skeins of the Ultra Bluberry and Supreme Sovereign made it out, but that might have to wait until the next show.

Pattern Markers

The next morning we started loading up the truck at 6AM and were on the road at 7AM. When we got there, it was not too hard to set up since we thought about how we were going to set things up the night before. I was really nervous we were going to forget something essential or something would go catastrophically wrong, but everything was fine!

The fair opened at 9:30AM and we managed to get everything set up by 9:20AM and were able to just tuck in tags and neaten up the edges for ten minutes. Paul had his cash station all set up, I called it the accounting department for the entire day.

Paulito Shirt

There were a lot of customers and questions about the yarn since Stitch Please is a newer company, but I think we made a good impression! I got to talk to a really wide range of people and heard about a lot of great new projects! It makes me so excited to knit new things! I saw quite a few very remarkable garments including the eastern skies shawlwith a TARDIS beaded into it! I may or may not have geeked out about this for a good 10 minutes. Even after the lady left our booth, it was still rolling around in my mind and I would just randomly say “A Tardis, in the night sky!” For any Dr. Who fans, you totally geeked out just now, and everyone else; I am sorry about the fan references. I would also highly suggest you watch Dr. Who.

I was really surprised that the most popular colour was Vampire Barbie. I am not sure which one I thought would be the most popular, but it just never struck me that it would be Vampire Barbie! I guess it is a really cool colour. I do love the socks I knit from it; they are quite comfy! The Sapphire Label was a huge hit too. Sapphire Label is the sock yarn line with the nylon in it. The Amethyst Label and Garnet Label were tied in second place for most popular bases, which I expected. They’re very soft and super wash, so easy to care for.

KW Fair 2014 3

I had so much fun at this show; I can’t wait till the next one. I think it will be a lot of fun. It is too bad I am getting married on the same date as the Woodstock Fleece Festival or else we would have been hitting up that one as well!