Newest Addition to the Bookshelf

It is that time of the month again… Let’s talk about books!! The last book to actually come out was Deborah Harness’ Book of Life, which I talked about last time. We are entering that period of the year where there are fewer and fewer book releases so I can’t continue with the series that I love. This is the perfect time to start a new one!

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While wandering at the book store with my friend Megan a couple months ago, she suggested I read the series called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I took a picture of the cover, because who buys books in the moment anyway, and decided to look into it at home. I have a constant and healthy caution for bad books. As an English major I was forced to read some truly awful literature and I was gifted with an appreciation of great books. While I was looking at the Outlander books I noticed that it was going to be a TV series. Normally I would purposefully NOT read a book because it was about to be on TV or if a book is really REALLY popular. It’s a bandwagon thing; I dislike jumping on the bandwagon because whenever I see endcaps of books filled with that series, I feel like I sold out. I have no idea where this psychological damage stems from, but it could just be me wanting to blaze my own trail.

I am really not sure what possessed me with this book, but I hardly even read the back of the book, I got it on audio and just started listening. I must have felt like living on the edge that day or something, but I am glad I did. I really enjoyed listening to Outlander and have actually started watching the TV show as well. The TV show is relatively true to the book, a couple things have been changed, but I can see why those changes were made and agree with the underlying purpose.

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I started on the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, but it has a much slower pace than the first book and it felt like more work to listen to. I am going to try to muscle through it because apparently it only gets better. Then again, this is why I carefully choose my own books.

I listened to the whole S.J. Harper book titled Curse. It is about a siren living in the modern day world. I don’t remember what prompted me to get ahold of this book, but I really liked it. I was looking under every rock for the next book before I realized it wasn’t out yet. I try to pick out new series with a few books out so it will keep me busy for a little while, if there is just one book, I want to keep listening, but there is no next book out yet.

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Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts again; mostly the Knitmore Girls. In my mind podcasts are like a story, the narrator’s story, and as you listen to these people you hear about their lives and knitting. There is the same emotional investment I get with books. I remember I took a break from podcasts because it felt more daunting then anything to try to catch up with so many. I start at the very beginning and work my way to the current episode, but every now and again, I get a comment or think I should join a group or enter a contest; then I remember that it happened four years ago.

I am on their Ravelry group so there are some spoilers, but I am really enjoying the journey. It is really getting me excited about knitting too. Somewhere along the way, with all the stress and whatnot, knitting began to feel like work. This is never a good thing, it’s like knitting on a deadline all the time. Listening to other people talk about their knitting and getting so excited about knitting something in particular is really good for the soul. I am going to continue to listen to these podcasts and find more books in order to be much more interesting for my next On the Bookshelf post.