2 Month Wedding Update

Less than two months to the wedding; it is unreal how close this is getting. On one hand it is starting to feel real, but on the other it still seems so far away. I think I almost had a panic attack the other day when someone said it was only seven weeks away. I mean, it sounds a lot longer when you say 50 days. We are always running around and putting together last minute details with our wedding planner. A lot has happened within the last month.

First of all, my maid of honour and bridesmaids threw me the second bridal shower! It was at Alanna’s mom’s house because they have an absolutely beautiful backyard. It is quite large as well so they were able to fit in a table and chairs without disturbing their garden.

Bridal Shower

When everyone started arriving we all went to the refreshment stand and got drinks, then found a good place to sit and admire the decorations. Once a majority of the people were there, we got to eating. It was a basic backyard BBQ with hamburgers and salads; everyone brought their specialty salad and there were many great foods to choose from. I ate way too much and tried to circle from group to group and say hi to everyone. In the end I think about 12-14 people ended up coming. It was the perfect size group; I think if there were any more than that I would have been overwhelmed.

Bridal Shower Bridesmaids

The games came after lunch and Alanna managed to pick a couple really great ones. There was the usual word scramble and how well do you know the bride; but my favourite one was Him or Her. It was a list of things put together and the guests had to guess which one was me and which one was Paul. For example, there were things on there like, who is the most ticklish, who does the dishes, who takes care of auto maintenance, and who approached whom in the very beginning of the relationship. People really got into that one and started shouting out their answers as we marked them. I would just have to point to myself or shake my head and they knew if it was Paul or myself.

At this point all the wedding party brought out the cookies and cake! They were really good as well. This is also a perfect opportunity to practice getting your picture taken doing inane things like cutting a cake… or laughing.

Precious Moments

Perfect smile always!

Paul showed up with some beautiful flowers at this point and made his own rounds of all the ladies. He also brought my Dad, nephew and father-in-law-to-be. I expect they were coming to partake of the food and waiting to drive the ladies home. As soon as my nephew came into the door he spy-ed the cake. Enough said.

Michelle and Ethan

Once the pandemonium calmed down Paul and I got to open gifts. I was glad Paul was there for this part because I got to open all the gifts from the first shower and he should have a little bit of the wedding spirit too.

Paul and Michelle Bow Hat

I’ll claim that as my excuse for making him try on the infamous ‘bow-hat’ that Megan and Liane put together.

Sneaky Sneaky

I really enjoyed this shower and for a few hours it made me forget about all the stresses of planning a wedding and the never-ending to-do list that has become my life. It is really nice to get those opportunities to just BE. Living in the moment is a hard thing to do when you feel like the last several, and next few, months of your life have been all for one moment or day in particular. I have been really careful to try not to set standards in my mind about my wedding day or how things will go. I try to live my life in a very ’go with the flow’ way. There is no point in getting upset about things you cannot change; accept them and try to see how you can keep on shining. It is always important for you to have friends to help you take the tarnish off that silver lining too, sometimes it is too dim to see on your own.

Paul and Ethan