Button Lane

I have heard about this store in Toronto that sells thousands of buttons really cheap. I’ve never been there myself, but always thought it was the perfect place to find buttons for a cardigan. Fabric Land is good for buttons, but they are quite expensive, local hand-made buttons are great for the occasional cardigan, but not all the time. This place, was perfect.

Buttons 2

I originally thought it was a store that only sold buttons, but it was actually a sewing store with fabric, thread, handles, buckles and all manner of embellishments. It was really disorganized and cluttered and I will admit to being slightly put off by the sight, simply because it wasn’t expected. I forged on in the pursuit of the perfect buttons for my Ombre Cardigan.


I followed the narrow path to the back of the store and there was a corner of the store with nothing but buttons from floor the ceiling. I was a little overwhelmed so I let my eyes glaze over and just searched for blue. Since I am much fonder of blue than I am of orange, I decided that I should go… more blue. Of all the hundreds of buttons I wanted to keep with the theme I had going and not going with a third colour or texture. The toggles seemed much too heavy for this cardigan; it was knit with lace held double. The buttons need to be delicate to work with the garment.

Buttons 3

I wasn’t finding much in the blue, so I decided to look at orange and I found the perfect buttons. They are an opalescent orange and the perfect size. The main thing I was worried about was the buttons not fitting into the proper sized hole. I actually had my sweater there and tried to push buttons through the holes in order to gauge their worthiness.
Overall the trip was a success despite the lack of polish on the store. I would definitely go there again to get buttons because of the sheer variety. Trust me when I say, there is the prefect button there for everyone.