Socks Socks Socks

I have started a sock to display at the K/W Knitters Fair. I used the base Vampire Barbie because it was really popular on Etsy, but there had not been any samples knit from it. Everyone LOVES this sock, I think I might have to hide it before the show or it might not make it.

Socks VB

I knit another ribbed sock in order to show off the yarn to the best advantage. You really don’t want to do too much of a crazy pattern when you have a variegated yarn because the pattern will fade into the colours. When I knit the Alpha Sock pattern for my mom in the Manos del Uruguay’s Alegría yarn. The yarn was very colourful and the Alpha Sock pattern had cables up and down the sides. I thought this was a really cool pattern and my mom would like it. However, the yarn choice was not the best for this project. You can hardly see the cables at all, and for the amount of work that went into these socks… it would be better for a little more pattern definition.

Socks VB 3

I love knitting Glenna C’s A Nice Ribbed Sock pattern. I find it very soothing. It isn’t something you can mindlessly knit, you have to make sure you keep with the pattern, but the pattern is not a complex one. Just knit, knit, knit, purl. It almost becomes a mantra in my head and feels like meditation. I tried to get into meditation after my concussion. My doctor as well as myself thought it would help with the headaches. I could never really do it though; my mind was way too active. I would constantly find myself thinking about something when I should be clearing my mind. A friend of mine, who has the same problem, said if you focus on something inane, like an apple, it would keep your mind engaged but relaxed. I found this to be a bit more difficult than simply thinking about the apple. I would start out okay, but after a while I would be thinking about eating that apple, then if had any apples at home, then I would be compiling a grocery list or something similar.

Socks VB 2

I digress; I should simply say that knitting keeps me sane. Knitting these socks in particular is one of my favourites, the gauge I am using for these socks happens to create this interesting pattern on the shaft. I unknowingly hit the magic number when I cast on and started knitting. This has happened to me accidentally a couple times and everyone loves it. People always ask how I manage to get such an interesting pattern going. It is never satisfying when I say it was just the yarn and how it ended up knitting.
I think these socks are going to be very popular and lets just hope they don’t disappear before the show. I would really like to be able to display them in the K/W Fair and hope that everyone thinks they are as cool as my would-be sock thieves do.