Monday Mishaps: The Flighty Owl

Since I haven’t had any really good mishaps lately. I am going to use a mishap from a friend. Liane has been contemplating this owl hat and does not want to mess up expensive yarn, so she has been practicing the pattern on acrylic that is similar weight.
The first hat she cast on the exact amount of stitches and followed the pattern to a T. When she cast on, she mentioned something about the circumference looking very small. I wasn’t there, but I said it would probably be okay because everything looks really small when you first cast on. Once you get knitting everything loosens up and things get bigger. Little did either of us know there was something wonkey in our math and we really didn’t have enough stitches. This created a hat that was very small around.

Owl Hat PT 1

Needless to say this was good practice, but not really a wearable garment, even with the natural stretch yarn affords.The second attempt went a little further in the opposite direction and it was much too big . The owls looked perfect but the hat itself was going to be a little loose. In the end we discovered that this weight of acrylic was a little heavier than the previous and the expensive yarn, so it would be okay when we started with the next level of yarn.

Owl Hat PT 1.5

It just happened that on the second prototype she was running out of yarn. Instead of trying to prolong the life of this hat, I convinced her to start on the good version. When she cast on and started knitting it, she was extremely worried that this hat was going to be a repeat of the first. I constantly reassured her that it might LOOK small, but it would be okay when she finished it. Yarn is always super stretchy and you want the hat to be a bit smaller than your head. If the hat is the same size or a little bigger, it will fall right off your head.

Owl Hat Good

In the end the owls looked really great. We are in the process of finding some buttons that are the perfect size. All the buttons I currently have are too large. Buttons that are too large make the owls look like they have had way too much caffeine. It reminds me of these owls.