Functional Friday: Bias Scarf

Another Friday, another pattern review! Ironically enough I got this pattern free with a couple skeins of King Cole Galaxy yarn. There was a choice of two patterns and there were samples of both at the cash area. For the life of me I can’t remember what the other pattern looked like, but I remember thinking it looked really easy and I could probably figure it out on my own. Hence, how I came to choose the bias scarf.

Bias Close Up

I had never knit anything similar to this scarf and I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. The definition of bias is something that is obliquely or diagonally shaped. The ends of this scarf come to a point and increase diagonally. Having said that, they are knit diagonally, there are no complicated increases or decreases to make this shape. It is as simple as a K2TOG on one side and a YO on the other side.

Bias End

The entirety of this pattern is written on a small slip of paper about four inches in length; it is obviously not over complicated. You know how I love things that look much harder than they are; this is the definition of this pattern. From the moment I cast on, I had zero problems with it. The right side and the wrong side are very clearly defined, they look quite different.

Bias Front and Back

I was on a kick with this pattern and used it for all the scarves I made in that short time period. It was really interesting to see the differences the yarn made. The first time I made it was with King Cole Galaxy yarn, which is quite thin; the next time I made it was with an aran weight baby alpaca blend. Soft as a cloud, but considerably thicker.

Bias Fabulous

Since I am not sure who wrote the pattern I got from the wool bin, I am going to link to Veronica O’Neil’s pattern on Ravelry. It is a free pattern and exactly the same as the one I got with my yarn.