Finished Objects

I have had some extra time lately, I’m off work because my head hasn’t been well and relaxing seems to help. What is more relaxing than knitting? Nothing! I have finished the socks for my dad and the Ombre Cardigan.

Dad's Socks

Okay, the Ombre Cardigan may be finished but it is not totally complete. I still need to find the perfect buttons for it, I think I will take a trip to Toronto to the small button store there. I’ll have to do that sometime before September, but aside from that, I am not in a huge rush. The really good finished photos will have to wait until I find some buttons that will do this sweater justice.

Dad's Socks 2

The second finished object I have for you are the socks I started for my father. They have been getting a lot of attention. I’ve been carrying the socks around with me while I have been finishing the Ombre Cardigan. It is second nature for people to see you working on something then peek over your bag and see what else you are carrying around.

Dad's Socks 3

I am somewhat glad I had not finished the second sock when I was carrying them around. I think they would have found their way into someone else’s bag. I really wish I could remember the colour of this yarn, but it is Manos del Uruguay’s Alegría yarn and all the colourways are numbers. If the colours were named, I would be able to look them over and recognize the colourway I used. I actually spent a good deal of time on their webpage trying to figure out which one I bought and made absolutely no headway at all. It was purchased a while ago so Manos del Uruguay may have discontinued the colour or changed up their colour palette since then. If anyone recognizes it, please leave the colourway in the comments below or email me! I have many people inquiring.