Three Month Wedding Update

The stag and doe has finally passed! A couple friends of ours were waiting to see how successful our stag and doe was before they decided if they were going to have one. While it was very stressful to put together, it was definitely fun!

Alanna Marianne Me

I shouldn’t say that it was too stressful, because Paul planned everything. I have been having a hard time with my stress level lately and really not feeling well, so Paul took everything upon himself and planned it all. After that, I think it was just the stresses of a big event coming up. I tried to do my part and sell a few tickets here and there, but I really did not do too much.

The day of the S&D we had a BBQ for all the people who were coming to help out, and our families of course. Everyone brought a salad and Paul and I provided the hotdogs and hamburgers. Between 12 and 3pm we talked and figured out where things were going. Who was going where, what the itinerary was, etc. We got the hall at 3pm and had to leave to set up.


Everyone went over to the legion at 3pm and I stayed behind and tried to clean up as much as I could from the BBQ. My bridesmaid Erica with her four-week-old son stayed to help as well as my friend Sarah, who had hurt her knee.  I am really glad we stayed behind because it wasn’t long before there were a flood of texts asking me to bring things to the hall that were forgotten. Markers, games, meatballs, etc.

I am not going to lie… I smiled with smug satisfaction. One thing I do that drives Paul absolutely bonkers is when I forget little things that are essential. If I am making dinner and we stop at the grocery store on the way home, we pick up the ingredients. When we get home and I am actually making this food, I realize I don’t have any onion, or something else that cannot be left out. Then I bat my eyelashes at him to run out and just grab onion. It drives him insane. It has been especially bad since my concussion because my memory has never quite recovered. I have to write everything down or else it is just GONE.

I think this was a good learning experience for him because usually it is me that knows everything and everyone constantly asks me ‘where do you want this?’ or ‘where is this?’ or ‘how does this work?’ I think he was pretty worn out by the end of the night and EXTREMELY glad we have a wedding planner and he won’t have to deal with that on our wedding day.

Whack it Winner

The setup went really fast, by the time I was done cleaning up and got to bring all the little things that were missing, they were done. The day was really humid and sticky so I wanted to take a quick shower and wait for Shauna to come do my hair. Since I never wear makeup, Shauna and Marianne decided I should wear make up to this event and try out fake eyelashes. No one was injured in the application and I managed not to glue my eyes shut so I will put that in the win column.

When I got there, the rest of the night went off without a hitch. There was a pretty good turn out and I think everyone had fun, which is the most important thing! I am glad it went well and look forward to the next event coming up. That will be the bridal shower here in Burlington. Mostly people from work and a few friends.

I feel I should explain the photos below. We had two jars, ‘Pie the Groom’ and ‘Pie the Bride’. People put money in the jars throughout the night to see who would get a pie in the face at the end of the night. It is pretty obvious who won…

Bride Pie-ed

The wedding is coming up really fast, I feel like the last three months are going to really fly by!