Happy Birthday Alanna

Okay, so it isn’t today but yesterday was Alanna’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Now I can finally reveal the super sneaky project I have been working on! I was able to hand over the cowl this weekend; there wasn’t too much time to spare as I finished it on Saturday, but so help me, it was complete.

Alanna's Scarf

This was knit in Shibui Silk Cloud, in the colours suit, graphite, raspberry and caffine.Alanna had mentioned that she really liked my version of the scarf when I first finished it last year and wondered if I would commission one for her. I questioned her about the colours she would want, when she was ready of course. Just throwing around ideas she liked these colours, I think the only colour I substituted was caffeine because the original colour she liked was sold out.

This is what I have been working on for the past couple weeks and I am really glad to have it finally finished!

Scarf Collage

I managed to get it to Alanna before we went to the Blue Jays baseball game on Saturday and she really LOVED it! I shouldn’t talk though, I had a good time knitting the cowl and it is hard to hate something that is made of silk and kid mohair.

At the baseball game I got to work on my Ombre Cardigan, which I thought was very enthusiastic of me since it had the Blue Jays colours in it! The rest of the sporty people were shaking their heads at me and asking if I was bored with the game. It isn’t so much I was bored with the game as I can’t sit still at all… ever. Even when I was watching an absolutely riveting tv show… I am knitting.

Baseball Knitting

Aside from the cowl and sweater, I really haven’t worked on too much. I had to get some of the things for the wedding done up. The stag and doe is this weekend as well so I have been slacking off on my knitting in order to get some of these things done too. I’ve been calling people into service all over the place so watch out! You never know who I will assign a wedding duty to next!