Linen Stitch Scarf

The Koigu linen stitch scarf I completed last summer was one of my favourites! As per usual with my favourite things, it looks much more difficult than it is. This is the only pattern I have had a chance to complete from Church Mouse Yarns and Teas, but I have heard excellent things about their patterns!

I really like knitting things that are unique. It really sets them apart from all the other scarf or sweater patterns. Keeping things interesting is one of the best ways to learn new things and stay engrossed.  I particularly like this scarf because it is knit lengthwise instead of width wise.

Linen Stitch Scarf

Whenever I knit scarves, I am constantly checking the length to see if it is finally long enough. I subscribe to the school of thought that it is better to have a scarf too long than too short, but I always get impatient to be finished and cast off a little earlier than I would like. With this scarf, you cast on the entire length all at once. If you have completed your gauge swatch, you will know exactly how long it is going to end up. Oddly enough I didn’t get impatient and make it really skinny, I kept going until the scarf was a very decent thickness.

Within the pattern there are a couple modifications to make the scarf very different. One of these are to use all your leftover sock yarn in one scarf. Every different colour of the rain bow yet, they all seem to flow together. Instead of turning your work and going the other way, you cut the yarn and leave it long. These random strands form tassels! I am not a tassel person myself, so I turned my work and went back the other way; I was also using only three colours. I’ve seen this scarf started and it looks beautiful!

Linen Stitch

I find when people make socks; there is an average colour palette. My socks are generally cooler colours running along green, blue and purple lines. There is a little bit of red thrown in, but overall, those colours are predominating. You could even separate your yarn into warm and cool colours, if you have the shocking amount of leftover yarn that graces most stashes.

The pattern itself is easy to follow, I had never done the linen stitch before starting this scarf. The pattern was clear enough that I didn’t have to youtube instructions on how to knit the linen stitch. Aside from that it was really quite easy. I did not check my gauge because… well… it’s a scarf and I didn’t really care how big it was going to be. It ended up being around 8 feet long, because the pattern was written for sock yarn and the kit I was knitting it from included worsted weight yarn.

Linen Stitch 2

To date, this has been the comfiest scarf I have ever knit. It was so essential this winter when everything was frozen and we thought summer would never be here.