Who Needs Socks in Cuba?

The short answer to the title of this post is NO ONE! It was very very warm and I only got as much sock done as I did, because I had to keep coming into the air conditioned room and out of the hot Cuban summer weather.

Sock Folded

Before we left for Cuba I checked the weather, just as an anticipatory “Ohhh man, it is going to be really hot and beautiful weather!” When I actually checked it, there was a forecast for rain every day. I didn’t really mention this to Paul because I didn’t want him to be disappointed, but I packed a whole lot of knitting. I wasn’t sure why it said rain every single day, but I was going to be prepared.
As it turns out, summer in Cuba is the wet season, so it does rain, but not like it does here. It rained almost every day, for an hour or two; either overnight or in the evening. It was the time when you would be getting ready to go to dinner or going to bed (if you are 85-years-old inside like Paul and I).

Sock Heel

Since I had to keep coming into the air conditioned room I managed to knit in the afternoon and evenings so I finished the first sock and got very close to finishing the second one.

Sock Cuff

While Paul and I were in Cuba my order from Knit Circus arrived! I haven’t casted on yet because I have been working like a fiend to get my super sneaky secret project done! There will be the big reveal for that next Wednesday!
I have been trying to organize my plan of action for knitting a little bit. For the future I am going to need to have samples of knitted garments in my own yarn. The Ombre cardigan is a good start, but I will need a lot more than that. I feel like I will have an abundance of socks, so I’ll have to focus on other garments such as shawls and more sweaters. Any pattern suggestions?