Functional Friday: Scissors on an Airplane

Since Paul kept the secret of Cuba until a few days before we left, I packed in one to two days. I usually pack over the course of about a week… Maybe even two. As I think of things I drop them into a suitcase and I am sure to have everything I need. I managed to decide I was going to bring the socks I was working on, but I was close to finishing the first one and would need to cut the yarn and start the second one.


I looked at the flight guidelines for bringing scissors onto a plane and it said a blade under 2.6 inches was okay in carryon baggage. We weren’t bringing any checked bags so I couldn’t put it in there.

I measured my scissors and they were just under the allotted amount of blade you are able to take on a plane. Looking at them though, they looked pretty deadly to me and I really didn’t want trouble when trying to cross into Cuba. So I bought this.

Snip it

That’s right, the snip it you use to open milk and chip bags! The blade is only like 3cm and enclosed within a niche. It would be really hard to hurt yourself with this, let alone hurt someone else. You could theoretically walk up and say, “Oh excuse me, but would you please put your jugular in there and hold still?” Even then, it would probably be pretty difficult.

It was sharp and worked like a charm! It was also really useful for those little things you don’t think about, like taking off the wristband from the resort. For those knitters who travel and want to knit on board; this is a great little tool!