The Iron Druid

The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne, is a series I stumbled upon haphazardly. This is one of the many audio books I listened to while I was off with my concussion. I went through a lot of bad audio books and there were some that made the time pass a little easier. This was definitely one of the best!

1 Hounded

I don’t think I would have gotten as good of an impression from this book if I had read it. Luckily I was not allowed to read or watch TV, so I got my first hand experience from Luke Daniels. I absolutely LOVED his rendition of these books.

2 Hexed

One of the perfect examples is the voice he does for the main character’s dog. If dogs could talk, this is what they would sound like. The timing is perfect, the right inflection. I cannot even express how well done this series is!

3 Hammered

This is another urban fantasy book, I know you will all be completely shocked. One of my favourite things about this book is the mythology. All the different religions are covered as different pantheons of gods who reside on different planes of existence.

4 Tricked

Since the main character is Irish, a lot of Celtic Gods are featured. When I was listening to the books I never thought much of their names. They sounded Irish for sure; also, I didn’t think they would sound quite the same if said without lilting speech. However, I never comprehended how they might be spelled. For the last book, Shattered, I bought the actual hardcover book. If I hadn’t already known how to pronounce most of those characters names, I would have been totally lost. I think this alone may have put me off the books a little bit if I had started reading them rather than listening to them. Luckily, the narrative voice in my head was Luke Daniels, I am not even talking about the audio books; when I read the words on the page, it was like Luke Daniels was reading them to me.

4 Trapped

Aside from the Celtic gods, there are many prominent figures in a very wide array of mythologies including Roman and Norse pantheons. I find mythology fascinating, and these books give you enough of a taste to make you more curious. I would notice in these books, characters would allude to an event or an alliance not mentioned in these books, but is well known in the mythology. That being said, it was not crucial to the plot that you know an obscure piece of mythology, but if you wanted to read a bit more, you could.

6 Hunted

I cannot stand it when I don’t get a reference made in any kind of book I read. I have to immediately go look it up. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot while reading these books; not only from subtle prompts in the text, but my own curiosity. There is one character in The Iron Druid Chronicles that is a vampire. He occasionally talks about the time periods he lived through and sometimes it really gets me interested. I have to go and read more about it. That is just me though and I like to get a really good sense of the books I read; if I want a realistic feel for a time period, I go read up on it a little bit.

7 Shattered

This is another series of books I would highly recommend. As I said above I am really glad I started with the audio books, so I would recommend them as a great set of books to listen to while you are knitting!