Monday Mishaps: Quite Shifty

As you can tell from my Friday review, I love TFA patterns; clear, concise and professional. All the clarity in the world will not help you if you are really not paying attention. Since I’ve started the Ombre Cardigan, I’ve been knitting it quite a lot; in the car, playing cards etc. It is an easy enough pattern to remember and doesn’t require a great deal of focus. Focus, as you might guess, is something I have been in extremely short supply.

Several times I took this cardigan out to knit somewhere and forgot to bring my measuring tape. I knew I was supposed to be knitting to 7.5” so I kind of eyeballed it. When I actually measured it, the cardigan was much closer to 8”. I thought to myself that this is not a horrible thing and changed colours to keep knitting.

Ombre Half Back

Now, this is a lace cardigan worked with two strands held together. Aside from the obvious, it means when you are counting your stitches to see where you stand… there are a lot. I spent so long actually counting stitches that it was kind of ridiculous. I am really glad there was a breakdown of the five different sections of the sweater and how many stitches were supposed to be in each one.

When I finally counted the amount of stitches in each section, rather than just the total, I realized every one of these numbers were different from one another. The back was supposed to have 90 the sleeves 72 and the two fronts should have had 47. These are approximate numbers and not the ones from the actual pattern. I ended up with the back being 4 stitches shy, one sleeve was done, the other sleeve was two short, and the thank heaven but the fronts matched!

Ombre Arm Hole 2

I had to fudge some numbers, carefully. I wrote down the numbers for each section and when I completed another row of that section I wrote down the amount of increase stitches in that row. It managed to work out… I think. At least I haven’t gotten to a point where I realized I colossally screwed up.

Well…. Except after I put the arm stitches on waste yarn. The pattern said to CO 4 stitches and place a marker, then CO 4 stitches and continue. Instead of reading that as cast on, I read it as cast off, then cast on. I kind of thought it was an odd thing to do, but I followed the pattern and continued on my way. I think it was the third row when I noticed the holes. This was not right at all. I could tell that I had bungled something horribly.

Ombre Arm Hole 3

I went back to the pattern and CO stands for cast ON not cast off. Cast off is shown as BO, bind off. I had yet another facepalm moment and tried to drop stitches and fix the problem. This wasn’t destined to work though; there just wasn’t enough yarn in that space to CO four extra stitches. I had to rip it back to the arm holes.

I made use of the technique for ripping out I covered a few weeks ago and that made a huge difference. It got me within range to un-knit the last row. It really sucked to take out that much lace, but I feel better for it. The underarms look so much neater now, no holes or stretched stitches. I am glad I didn’t just blow it off and try to sew it together at the end.

Ombre Arm Hole 1

This is just the top quarter of the sweater! I haven’t even started the sleeves or the bottom part yet. Let’s hope I am a little more attentive to the pattern and will be able to complete this project with little to no more huge catastrophes. My relationship with lace is precarious enough that we might need to go on a break after this. You know… get some space and perspective. There are so many yarns in the sea.