Keep Moving Ombre

Well, I’ve finally made it onto the next colour for the Ombre Cardigan! This was very exciting for me, to the point where I totally lost my mind and forgot to actually count the stitches I was knitting. Since this cardigan is a raglan increase it continually gets larger and larger until you separate for the arms. I almost missed the separation.

Ombre Orange Back

This current colour shift should keep me busy for a couple days at least. I can’t help but marvel at the contrast between the two colours. They are both equally bright but so beautifully distinct.  I am easily pleased when it comes to knitting, just give me a colour change and I’m happy.

Ombre Colour Change

While the Ombre Cardigan is going very well, so is my sock! Whenever I’ve been in the car or on the train I’ve been knitting on this sock. I feel bad because I completely forgot about this yarn and it is so beautiful. I’ve made a pair of socks from the same brand, the alpha socks I made for my mom.

This is a TRUE vanilla sock pattern because it is all stockinet stitch. As most of you know, I always use Glenna C’s pattern A Nice Ribbed Sock. The pattern is extremely simple while giving the sock a little bit of extra pizazz. This yarn is quite variegated and I really didn’t think it needed anything extra. Besides, I’ve been wanting to see the difference between the ribbed sock and a plain stockinet sock for a while now.

Apple Socks

While a ribbed sock is slightly smaller and tighter, the stockinet doesn’t have the elasticity of ribbing. I am curious about how it will fit as well. I know that when you wear hand knit socks they tend to expand a bit. By the end of the day, mine are always ready to go through the wash and shrink back down to a normal size.

Actually, Paul and I had a BBQ not too long ago and someone asked if they could borrow a pair of socks. We have tile floors in the kitchen and she was in bare feet. I ran and grabbed a pair of the hand knit socks I had just washed and her fiancé asked if they were for a child. All the yarn I use for socks is superwash and there is usually some nylon content. Even so, when I wash them the foot of the sock shrinks and looks very small. When you put your foot in, the sock feels normal, it isn’t too tight.

I don’t have especially small feet, but I get teased about the size of the socks anyway.

Just writing about socks, I realized I should have made this pair for my Dad. As you can see the colour is sort of manly, usually I am more on the ball than this. Perhaps with the stockinet stitch they will be big enough for men’s feet, I’ll have to test this out on Paul. My Dad and Paul have roughly the same size feet, so there is little guess work.

I am back on a sock kick, but luckily I have the Ombre cardigan to break it up. I just found a section of my stash with all this sock yarn! I didn’t really forget I had it, but it was pushed to the back of my mind and really… out of sight out of mind.

I actually have a couple gradients that I bought from Vogue Knitting Live Chicago! I need to knit those up because really, they’re too cool. I really want to have the two I have knitted up before I get the rainbow gradient. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some FO’s soon! I’ll keep on knitting.