Monday Mishaps: Physics and Gravity

Last week I managed to get a lot of dyeing done. I figured out that it was better to do one colour and different bases than one base and many different colours. The water needs to be changed and you have to carefully plan which colours to do in which order. You cannot dye a bright blue then a yellow right after; it would turn green.

Hanging Yarns

I managed to dye a whole whack of Ultra Purple. I am talking 59 skeins of yarn in one go. I obviously needed the room to dry them and I only have one drying rack. Luckily I had bought these shower rods from the dollar store for just this purpose. Once the worst of the water had drained off I moved them from the garage into the hall way on the main floor. At this point the skeins are just damp and need to be aired out.

When I was buying these curtain rods I thought I was going overboard getting ten of them. I thought, since they were from the dollar store, I would rather get too many than have to come back. I used every single one of them.

The mishap comes in when I was actually hanging them. The width of these shower curtain rods is just wide enough for my upstairs hallway. I discovered that the walls along this hallway are not straight. Some of the rods need to be expanded in some places and others needed to be put up crooked.

Hanging Yarn 2

Needles to say it was an experience putting them up and with my coordination, there were mishaps. I was standing on the chair putting these yarn skeins up near the ceiling; working on one where the walls were closer together. I had a hand on each end and was pushing, with all my bodyweight, on one end to make sure this was not going to fall.

At this point I was home alone and had anyone been home, I am sure they would have been cringing. It’s similar to the feeling you get when you are looking at someone using an exacto-knife cutting towards themselves. You’re just waiting for the trip to the hospital.

As I said, I was pushing this rod away from me; normally this would not have been too bad, but as I said before, our walls are not straight. There just happened to be a perfectly placed dip in the wall right beside the rod I was attempting to wedge into place. One second I was pushing this fairly stable rod, the next it had slipped off the wall and time slowed. It was like a scene from the matrix, I was suspended in the air and had time to realize what had happened. I also realized that if I didn’t jump off the chair, I was going to fall in a very awkward and painful way.

Fast like a ninja, I hopped off the chair and managed to land in a crouched position, still holding onto the bar of yarn. Most of the yarn had fallen off the rod, but so help me, I was still holding it.

I had to take the yarn off the floor, untangle it and get it back on the rod. I was a little bummed out about the time it took to put the yarn back on the rod, but at least I survived with all my limbs intact.