On the Bookshelf

Oh my word has there been some good reading lately!! My all-time FAVOURITE series came out with a new book; I was waiting on pins and needles for WEEKS! Darynda Jones also came out with the next installment in her Charley Davidson series. I was going insane because there was something of a cliff hanger with that one. I have finally been appeased and I am ready to wait another year for the next books.

Skin Game

First and foremost, my favourite series EVER, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. The 15th book, Skin Game, was just released. Whenever I tell people that this series is 15 books long, they usually balk a little bit. They think to themselves, “Sure, the first few are probably good, but really… FIFTEEN?!”

I can say this because I am one of those people. I find, in many of the series I’ve read, that after book ten or eleven, the plots become repetitive. There is just no more material to cover or they start covering the same things in a different way. Sometimes authors even start pulling random stuff out of the hat that is their imagination. Which would be interesting, but they haven’t laid the ground work for it in previous books! As a reader, you’re thinking to yourself “Okay, cool, but where the hell did THAT come from?!”

The Dresden Files are not like that at all, I always tell people that the first three books are good and the rest are AMAZING. I remember reading somewhere that the first three books were already written before Butcher was connected with a publisher. You can see how the character and Butcher’s writing style evolve as the books go on. I am pretty picky with my literature, but the Dresden Files are the best written books I have read in a long time.

The first book is called Storm Front and it is usually in stock at most book stores. I’ve recently put two or three people onto this series and every time I see someone wandering around the Fantasy section looking for something I recommend Jim Butcher. That is actually how I was put onto these books. I was in a Chapters looking for my next conquest and asked the only other person in the section what their favourite series was. After looking at me like I had COMPLETELY lost my mind the nice man led me to Jim Butcher and it was love at first sight; with the Dresden Files, not the man.

Storm Front

Skin Game has been just as good as the rest of the books and there were a few answers in this book that I have been looking forward to. The book Changes was, surprisingly enough, a game changer. The series was kind of uprooted and tossed around. The metaphorical dust is still settling and some things became clearer. I like the way things are heading, I also can’t WAIT for the next book!

Darynda Jones just released the sixth installment of the Charley Davidson series, Sixth Grave on the Edge. First of all I am just going to say that I love the titles of these books. It is VERY easy to tell which book is the first one. It is a pet peeve of mine when I have trouble telling the first book from the 18th book in-store. I want to be able to pick up a book and look at the cover and have the book number slap me in the face.

Sixth Grave on the Edge

I haven’t been reading the Charley Davidson series very long, but I really enjoy it. I associate with the main character in a surprising amount of ways. If you are a reader of these books, don’t judge me! I just have one of those personalities!

The cliff hanger from the last book has been answered! I was absolutely frothing at the mouth to know what happens next. It wasn’t at the beginning of the book either, it was at the very end! I don’t mind reading a great book to get to the info I really want. The wait was presented in a humourous way as well. I always appreciate humour.

In the premise of the books, the main character is a supernatural entity and no one knows a lot about her powers or how to use them. There was quite a step forward on those grounds in this book, which was a relief to me. I’ve been really impatient to see what Charley is capable of and I know she is going to be a badass when she comes into her powers. I love a good strong female lead any day!

I hope this post helps to make up for the posts last week. I was completely immersed in books and ended up writing a lot of posts last minute. I ripped through these two books in three days. Now I am going to go back and read them slower. You know, to pick up the details and jokes I missed because I was reading at the speed of light.

The next book to be released will be the seventh Iron Druid Chronicles book. Kevin Hearne is a funny funny man and the audiobooks are EXTREMELY well done. If anyone chooses to do some homework before the next book post, please read books one through six. There may be an exam at the end.