Functional Friday: Moo Business Cards

This week I’ve decided to review This is where I get my business cards from and EVERYONE loves them. I get a lot of questions about the website and process so I am going to lay them out here for everyone.

Business Card Front

These were the first business cards I have ever ordered. I didn’t want to print them myself because those cards usually feel fake and I find them a little less professional. On the Moo website, you are able to choose from pre-existing designs or create your own. I wasn’t totally sure where to begin, but I decided to put my information on one side and a picture of stockinet stitch in a variegated yarn on the back.

Business Card Back

I ended up choosing two different kinds because I wanted one that was very general and one that was specific and had my phone number on it. I made them different colours but the same basic design.

Personal Back

I finished the design, checked them over and ordered them. The shipping wasn’t too bad, but when I got the cards, they weren’t mine! I had been mailed someone else’s order. Now I realize this looks bad, but it was handled very well. I emailed and sent me out replacement cards immediately. Their responses are prompt and polite. I was very happy with their customer service, which is really one of the most important things. I am a true believer in the importance of 10% what happened and 90% your reaction.

The business cards I got are the mini cards. They are really too cute. I am always complemented on them and if you are a business it is worth it simply because it is a different business card. People remember, and are more likely to keep, a unique card and the mini cards are definitely unique!

We actually ordered our save-the-dates from the same website and they are of excellent quality. I have never had any problems with the superior quality of these products. It is a little more expensive than some other websites, but you can feel the quality.