5 Month Wedding Update

Right now Paul and I are planning our stag and doe. We just got the tickets in from ticketmaster, they look amazing! If you follow me on instagram I posted a picture of them when they came in, if not here is the picture.

SD Ticket

Right now we are trying to figure out the games! We are definitely going to have a toonie toss and the 50/50 draw, but it is the other games we are pinning down now.

A co-worker told me about a game where you paint the handle end of a toilet plunger red and you have two people compete. Give them each a piece of sandpaper and whomever rubs the red off first wins a prize.

Another friend told me about the hammer game. You have a length of wood, a hammer and nails. Whoever can hammer the nail into the wood with the least amount of hits wins a prize at the end of the night. Apparently the guys get really into this one.

I also like the buzzwords game. Choose a few “forbidden” words (i.e. wedding, bride/groom’s names). On admission, guests each get 1 clothespin (or in some versions, 3-5 or however much you want) to attach to their clothes somewhere. If a guest catches another guest saying one of the forbidden words, they get the offender’s clothespin. The one with the most clothespins at the end of the night wins.

What are some of the best Stag and Doe games you’ve come across?