Technical Tuesday: The Fear of Frogs

Since I wrote about a more advanced technique last week, I am going to write about something every knitter learns the hard way; how to rip out your work. Sometimes you can knit backwards and fix it, but other times you need to totally frog the whole project.

I am going to pause here for a second to explain what frogging is. When you pull out your work it is called ripping it back. If you hear anyone say they had to ‘frog’ something it is because they ripped it out. Rip it, rip it, ribbit.

Now, when I mentioned knitting backwards this is what I meant.

This really isn’t a technique that you want to do over a couple rows and there is nothing worse then having spent hours working on something to notice a mistake a couple inches below. I found this video, which demonstrates a technique to rip out your work over as many rows as you like without losing a single stitch.

Oh my, where has this technique been while I was learning to knit?! I was self taught and found a lot of things in books or on youtube. Apparently I needed no help ripping out an entire project! I hope I have saved some people a little bit of time with this and no one else has to rip out a lot of work for one mistake!